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PentaCentre, Troy, MI

Awarded 2018: Full Exterior LED Lighting Solution including Garages, Parking Lots, and Side Walk Lighting.

Interactive Energies has been awarded the full lighting solution converting over the facilities’ older lighting over to LED achieving over $58,600.00 in Annual Energy Savings and estimated to receive over $31,900.00 from DTE’s Energy Rebate Program.  Through innovative controlled LED technology, Interactive Energies was able to provide PentaCentre with a solution that pays for itself in less than 2 years.


Our Services

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

Interactive Energies Group incorporates best practices with cutting edge technologies to maximize energy savings. We work to improve energy conservation measures through offering a wide variety of comprehensive options. Key components in our solution consider:

  • Existing Infrastructure
  • Available Technologies
  • Capital Budgets
  • Environmental Impacts & Human Factors

Interactive Energies Group helps clients identify and eliminate waste and improve their energy management for projects.


Interactive Energies Group considers value engineering a top component in a strong energy solution. We provide product procurement with thousands of options lowering the capital cost for incorporating energy efficient solutions. Key service to include:

  • On-site Engineering Support
  • Product Specification Analysis
  • Strategic Procurement Channels
  • Product Installation Support

Interactive Energies Group has a proven track record of providing significant savings and decreasing the lead time for product procurement.

Project Management / Integration

Interactive Energies Group is a team comprised of seasoned energy solution engineers with a background in large scale comprehensive energy solutions. Our team has developed strategic tools to improve timing and communication. These tools include:

  • Comprehensive Energy Assessments
  • Portal Project Management Reporting
  • Product Installation Integration
  • Electrical Engineering

Interactive Energies Group can mobilize a project team with core competencies in emerging technologies, project management, cost analysis, financing, rebate processing, data metering, and problem solving.